fs::rap::WinApp_t::KeyEv_t Struct Reference

#include <fsWinApp.h>

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Detailed Description

Key / mouse button event.


Definition at line 150 of file fsWinApp.h.

Public Types

 Left mouse button.
 Right mouse button.
 Middle mouse button.
enum  Key_e { KEY_LMBTN = -1, KEY_RMBTN = -2, KEY_MMBTN = -3 }
 Special key codes. More...

Public Member Functions

 KeyEv_t (int nKeyCode, bool bDown, int nCurX, int nCurY)

Public Attributes

int m_nKeyCode
bool m_bDown
int m_nCurX
int m_nCurY

Private Member Functions

 KeyEv_t ()

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum fs::rap::WinApp_t::KeyEv_t::Key_e

Special key codes.

KEY_LMBTN  Left mouse button.
KEY_RMBTN  Right mouse button.
KEY_MMBTN  Middle mouse button.

Definition at line 153 of file fsWinApp.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

fs::rap::WinApp_t::KeyEv_t::KeyEv_t ( int  nKeyCode,
bool  bDown,
int  nCurX,
int  nCurY 
) [inline]

Definition at line 164 of file fsWinApp.h.

fs::rap::WinApp_t::KeyEv_t::KeyEv_t (  )  [private]

Member Data Documentation

bool fs::rap::WinApp_t::KeyEv_t::m_bDown


Definition at line 161 of file fsWinApp.h.

int fs::rap::WinApp_t::KeyEv_t::m_nCurX


Definition at line 162 of file fsWinApp.h.

int fs::rap::WinApp_t::KeyEv_t::m_nCurY


Definition at line 162 of file fsWinApp.h.

int fs::rap::WinApp_t::KeyEv_t::m_nKeyCode


Definition at line 160 of file fsWinApp.h.

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