fs::rap Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

Rapid prototyping helpers.


class  ConWin_t
 Console window. More...
class  SurfCl_t
 WinApp_t nested bitmap surface client (incomplete). More...
class  WinApp_t
 Single-window Application. More...


bool WinAppInit (WinApp_t &App, WinApp_t::InitCfg_t &Cfg)
WinApp_tWinAppInst ()

Function Documentation

bool fs::rap::WinAppInit ( WinApp_t App,
WinApp_t::InitCfg_t Cfg 

_tests/fsSurfCl/main.cpp, and _tests/fsWinApp/main.cpp.

Definition at line 70 of file main.cpp.

References g_SurfCl, fs::rap::WinApp_t::InitCfg_t::m_bClrBgr, fs::rap::WinApp_t::InitCfg_t::m_bRtm, fs::rap::WinApp_t::InitCfg_t::m_nClH, fs::rap::WinApp_t::InitCfg_t::m_nClW, fs::rap::WinApp_t::InitCfg_t::m_pszTitle, and fs::rap::WinApp_t::RegEvRcvr().

Here is the call graph for this function:

WinApp_t& fs::rap::WinAppInst (  ) 

Definition at line 82 of file fsWinApp.cpp.

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