fs/ras/fsRle8Blt.h File Reference

#include <fs/utils/fsAssert.h>

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namespace  fs
namespace  fs::ras
namespace  fs::ras::nsRle8Blt


struct  fs::ras::nsRle8Blt::PxFmt8888_t
 Rle8Blt common RGBA-8888 pixel format. More...
struct  fs::ras::nsRle8Blt::Cl8888TrCpPcy_t
 Rle8Blt Copy Policy : RGBA-8888 (with transparency). More...
struct  fs::ras::nsRle8Blt::Cl8888BlCpPcy_t
 Rle8Blt Copy Policy : RGBA-8888 (with alpha blending). More...


typedef unsigned int fs::ras::nsRle8Blt::uint32


template<typename TCpPcy>
void fs::ras::Rle8Blt (const unsigned char *pRle, const nsRle8Blt::PxFmt8888_t *pPal, const nsRle8Blt::uint32 *pOff, int nSrcW, int, int nRegW, int nRegH, typename TCpPcy::DstPxFmt_t *pDst, int nDstW, int nDstH, int nDstPosX, int nDstPosY, int nDstClipX1=0, int nDstClipY1=0, int nDstClipX2=-1, int nDstClipY2=-1)
 Decodes & transfers RLE8 data stream (encoded with Rle8Enc_t).

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